Hi there! I'm Dipesh.

I'm a Software Engineer with a knack for almost everything.

About Me

Hello and welcome! I'm Dipesh Kumar, a spirited Software Developer II at Microsoft, where I contribute on maintaining WPF's robustness and introducing new innovative features.

In my software journey, I've developed a strong knack for backend REST development and have honed my skills in the Angular and Django frameworks. I'm deeply fascinated by the realms of data structures, algorithms, system design, and architecture - areas where I continually seek to expand my expertise. My professional curiosity also extends into the field of Natural Language Processing, a domain where I've engaged in multiple stimulating projects.

When I am not working, one will find me immersed in making designs, editing photos and reading. Currently, I'm reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.. Among my other recent reads, I really enjoyed Animal Farm by G. Orwell. Beyond my professional pursuits, I'm an avid lover of tea and coffee - the perfect companions for both code and contemplation. My love for adventure often takes me on hiking trails and road trips, experiences that I cherish and share in the gallery on this website.


Technologies and languages that I have worked with:


In my professional journey, I've tackled a wide range of projects, from simple web apps to complex database management systems. Each one has offered unique challenges and learning opportunities. Below are some of the most intriguing projects I've worked on. For a complete overview of my projects, visit the Projects page.

A C++ application for visualing 2D contour maps as 3D models.

A personal blogging webapp for managing and sharing ideas and showcase my past projects.

A research project to identify Multi-Word Expressions using Byte Pair Encoding.

A research project to analyze the results of using CRF with Viterbi decoding on Hindi tagged data.