Contour Renderer

A C++ application for visualing 2D contour maps as 3D models.

Mar, 2019 - Apr, 2019

Contour Renderer

Contour Renderer is a 3D terrain visualization tool that showcases the intersection of advanced programming and computer graphics. Developed in C++, leveraging the capabilities of OpenGL, this tool is designed to transform 2D contour maps into dynamic 3D models using a dynamic programming approach to triangulate i.e. dividing the surfaces in small triangles, which are then rendered using OpenGL.

Contour Map To Terrain Transformation

Contour maps, which graphically represent varying elevations through concentric loops ( there can be exceptions to concentric constraint ), are the input for this application. The program intelligently interprets these loops, corresponding to different heights, and constructs a detailed 3D landscape from them. This allows for a comprehensive visualization of terrain, offering users the ability to view the landscape from multiple angles and at various zoom levels.

This tool not only serves as a practical application for geographical and topographical analysis but also as a testament to the power of integrating graphical algorithms with user-friendly interfaces in C++.

The program takes a list of lists as input, where each list represents a loop as a series of points.